The Book of Matthew


Message number


Matthew 1:1-18



Matthew 1:18-25


Joseph and Mary - A Different Story

Matthew 1:20 - 2:12


What's The Deal

Matthew 2:6-18


The Journey Continues

Matthew 2:19-3:12



Matthew 3:13-17


Where's Your I.D.?

Matthew 4:1-11


Overcoming Temptation

Matthew 4:12-25 SM-2266 Fellowship Of The King
Matthew 5:1-5 SM-2267 Keys To The Kingdom
Matthew 5:6 SM-2268 Recipe For Righteousness
Matthew 5:7 SM-2269 Mercy: Love In Action
Matthew 5:8 SM-2270 Matter of the Heart
Matthew 5:9 SM-2271 Know God, Know Peace
Matthew 5:10-16 SM-2272 Illumination
Matthew 5:17-20 SM-2273 Oh No You Di'ent
Matthew 5:22-26 SM-2274 If Looks Could Kill
Matthew 5:27-31 SM-2275 The Look Of Lust
Matthew 5:31-32 SM-2276 Marriage Waste or Witness
Matthew 5:33-37 SM-2277 Honesty is the Best Policy
Matthew 5:38-48 SM-2278 Slap Happy
Matthew 6:1-18 SM-2279 Who's Your Daddy?
Matthew 6:16-34 SM-2280 Don't Worry Be Happy
Matthew 7:1-6 SM-2281 To Judge Or Not To Judge
Matthew 7:7-12 SM-2282 The Effort of Prayer
Matthew 7:13-29 SM-2283 Journey With Jesus
Matthew 8:1-4 SM-2284 The Healing Touch
Matthew 8:5-13 SM-2285 Authority Displayed
Matthew 8:14-17 SM-2286 Prophecy's Hand
Matthew 8:18-27 SM-2287 Count the Cost
Matthew 8:28-34 SM-2288 A Deceiving Adversary
Matthew 9:1-8 SM-2289 Get Up And Walk
Matthew 9:9-13 SM-2290 Feast Or Famine
Matthew 9:14-17 SM-2291 Spongy or Curmudgey
Matthew 9:18-26 SM-2292 The Healing Continues
Matthew 9:27-31 SM-2293 A Faith That Sees
Matthew 9:32-34 SM-2294 Jesus Meets Another Need
Matthew 9:35-38 SM-2295 CCBI Farmers
Matthew 9:37- 10:10 SM-2296 Missionary Missions
Matthew 10:11-15 SM-2297 Mission Directive
Matthew 10:16-23 SM-2298 Sheep, Serpents, Wolves & Doves
Matthew 10:24-42 SM-2299 Sword That Divides
Matthew 11:1-15 SM-2300 Don't Be Offended
Matthew 11:16-30 SM-2301 Spoiled Brats
Matthew 12:1-8 SM-2302 Sabbath What Sabbath
Matthew 12:9-14 SM-2303 Healing Withered Hearts
Matthew 12:15-21 SM-2304 My Beloved Servant
Matthew 12:22-32 SM-2305 Possessed
Matthew 12:33-37 SM-2306 By Your Words
Matthew12:38-42 SM-2307 Here Come Da Judge
Matthew 12:43-50 SM-2308 Reformation Or Regeneration
Matthew 13:1-23 SM-2309 Soil; A Heart Condition
Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 SM-2310 Weed and Feed
Matthew 13: 31-33, 44-53 SM-2311 Treasured Truth
Matthew 13:53-58 SM-2312 Faith Undone
Matthew 14:1-21 SM-2313 Moved With Compassion
Matthew 14:22-36 SM-2314 Row Row Row My Boat?
Matthew 15:1-20 SM-2315 Let Me See Your Hands
Matthew 15:21-28 SM-2316 Persistent Faith
Matthew 15:29-39 SM-2317 Breaking Down Healings
Matthew 16: 1-12 SM-2318 What You Talkin' Bout
Matthew16:13-20 SM-2319 Who Do You Say?
Matthew 16:21-28 SM-2320 2 Suffer Or Not 2 Suffer
Matthew 17:1-9 SM-2321 Glorified, Fortified, Sanctified
Matthew 17:10-21 SM-2322 Help My Unbelief
Matthew 17:22 - 18:10 SM-2323 Greatness Redefined
Mathew 18:12-35 SM-2324 Love And Forgiveness
Matthew 19:1-12 SM-2325 Where The Ideal Is Lacking Grace Abounds
Matthew 19:13-30 SM-2326 Blessings and Goodness
Matthew 20:1-16 SM-2327 Grace: Whatever Is Right?
Matthew 20:17-28 SM-2328 Sacrifice And Service
Matthew 20:29-34 SM-2329 Spiritual Blindness
Matthew 21:1-11 SM-2330 Epic Expectations
Matthew 21:12-17 SM-2331 Holy Ground
Matthew 21:18-27 SM-2332 False Advertisement
Matthew 21:28-32 SM-2333 Brothers Called To Action
Matthew 21:33-46 SM-2334 Transforming Fruit
Matthew 22:1-14 SM-2335 The Invitation
Matthew 22:17-22 SM-2336 Image Bearer
Matthew 22:23-33 SM-2337 Are You Prepared?
Matthew 22:34-40 SM-2338 Distractions? Back To The Basics
Matthew 22:41-46 SM-2339 Mistaken Identity
Matthew 23:1-12 SM-2340 On Whose Authority?
Matthew 23:13-39 SM-2341 Jesus On Fire
Matthew 24:1-14 SM-2342 Take Heed, Don't Be Deceived
Matthew 24:15-31 SM-2343 The Abomination
Matthew 24:32-51 SM-2344 Figgy Facts
Matthew 25:1-30 SM-2345 Ready Or Not, Here I Come
Matthew 25:31-46 SM-2346 Food, Water and Clothing
Matthew26:1-16 SM-2347 What Is Jesus Worth?
Matthew 26:15-30 SM-2348 Betrayal
Matthew 26:31-35 SM-2349 Pride and Presumption
Matthew 26:36-46 SM-2350 Agony Of Victory
Matthew 26:46-56 SM-2351 Kiss Of Death
Matthew 26:57-75 SM-2352 Death Sentence
Matthew 27:1-26 SM-2353 Soul Worth
Matthew 27:27-56 SM-2354 The Cost Of Our Sin
Matthew 27:56-28:15 SM-2355 God's Big Enough
Matthew 28:16-20 SM-2356 Go