The Book of Acts
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Acts 1:1-8 SM-326 Introduction- You Need Power
Acts 1:8-26 SM-327 The Pattern For Wisdom
Acts 2:1-13 SM-328 The Promise Fulfilled
Acts 2:14-47 SM-329 Spirit Led Church Growth
Acts 3 SM-330 Be Ready To Be Used
Acts 4:1-31 SM-331 Jesus...No Other Name Saves
Acts 4:32-5:16 SM-332 Hypocrites Beware
Acts 5:17-42 SM-333 You Can't Stop God
Acts 6:7-20 SM-334 Be Faithful In Small Things
Acts 7:9-60 SM-335 The Witness of Stephen
Acts 8 SM-336 Philip The Evangelist
Acts 9 SM-337 Saul Becomes Paul
Acts 10:1-23 SM-338 God Invites Us
Acts10:24-28 SM-339 The Holy Spirit Comes Upon
Acts 11 SM-340 Are You Called A Christian?
Acts 12 SM-341 Pray To Be Set Free
Acts 13 SM-342 Going Out Into The World
Acts 14 SM-343 Committed To Your Call
Acts 15:1-35 SM-344 Free By Grace
Acts 15:36-16:40 SM-345 His Whole Household Believed
Acts 17 SM-346 Know The Unknown God
Acts 18 SM-347 Speak...Jesus Is With You
Acts 19 SM-348 Do You Have The Holy Spirit?
Acts 20 SM-349 More Blessing By Giving
Acts 21 SM-350 Paul Teaches In Jerusalem
Acts 22 SM-351 What Is Born Again?
Acts 23 SM-352 Jesus Is There With You
Acts 24 SM-353 We Will All Be Judged
Acts 25 SM-354 Christian Trials
Acts 26 SM-355 Almost A Christian
Acts 27 SM-356 Stay In The Boat
Acts 28 SM-357 Only The Beginning