The Book of 1 Samuel
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1 Samuel 1-2:12 OT 180 A Dedicated Life
1 Samuel 2:12-36 OT 181 A Bad Family Ministry
1 Samuel 3 OT 182 Hearing God Speak
1 Samuel 4-6 OT 183 Check With God First
1 Samuel 7-8 OT 184 There Is No King Like Our King
1 Samuel 9-10 OT 185 King Saul Is Chosen
1 Samuel 11-12 OT 186 Untitled
1 Samuel 13-14 OT 187 Pride Makes Fools Of Kings
1 Samuel 15 OT 188 Pride Rips You Off
1 Samuel 16 OT 189 God's Chosen King
1 Samuel 17 OT 190 Killing Your Goliath
1 Samuel 18 OT 191 Behave Wisely
1 Samuel 19 OT 192 Humble, Don't Harden
1 Samuel 20-21 OT 193 Righteousness On The Run
1 Samuel 22-23 OT 194 David's Rock Of Escape
1 Samuel 24-25 OT 195 David Is Not Perfect
1 Samuel 26-27 OT 196 David's Seed Of Sin
1 Samuel 28-29 OT 197 Back From The Dead
1 Samuel 30-31 OT 198 Saul's End, David's Beginning